• A funky little process to help create a rockstar life that I think you’ll enjoy!

    Life. Fascinating thing, hey? Have you ever wondered what differentiates a good one from a not-so-good one? Well, there are a number of factors, but one tool I find quite helpful in creating a rockstar life is breaking it down into sections, and consciously working out what you like and don’t like about all those […]

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    August 3 - 2015 No Comments
  • How my client lost 6.2kgs in 10 days

    As some of you might know I’ve never been a big one for rapid weight loss – I think it says something about someone’s headspace, lifestyle and the unlikely event of long term success. But when Matty came to me he made it clear “Blake, I know you’re not a big fan of anything too […]

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    July 7 - 2015 No Comments
  • The best diet for YOU!

    With 2,098,765,932 diets out there (or something near that) Kira and I thought we’d ‘debunk’ the diet myths for the ‘6 weeks to sexy’ girls – and because we’re all one big happy family around here I thought it was only fair to share it with you as well.   Look to get some help […]

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    June 30 - 2015 2 Comments
  • It makes me feel a bit sick writing this.

    If you’re a ‘bloke-y bloke’ and looking for exercises to pump up your arms – this one isnt for you. This is a different kind of post. So, for the rest of you, let’s get into some ‘deep’ stuff…. Yep, writing this blog makes me feel a little bit sick. Why? Because ‘getting real’ is […]

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    June 18 - 2015 No Comments
  • What Its Like To Do A 24hr Endurance Race

    I like to think I’m always up for a challenge – in fact, I’m confused by people who do the same shit day in day out and let life pass them by. But last weekend’s 24-hour challenge was next level. A ‘race’ (for the crazy ones; for us, it was pure survival) to see how […]

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    June 11 - 2015 1 Comment
  • From 5 to 50kms – The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Job Done

    I’ll be 100% honest: when I went for a 5km run in Byron Bay on January 3rd, feet thumping and breathing so loud people in Perth could hear me, I was so nervous at the thought of running 50km through the Blue Mountains I had the sweats. Well, I think it was a mix of nerves, […]

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    May 20 - 2015 No Comments
  • The Magic of the Mind – The thoughts, feelings and fears of running 50kms

    It really is amazing what you learn about yourself when you step outside of your comfort zone. And yeah, I know I say it all the time, but the learning goes up a notch when you go so far out of your comfort zone, you can’t even see it anymore. That’s how I felt on […]

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    May 18 - 2015 No Comments
  • For those thinking of ‘taking a break’ from their training during winter

    It started this Monday morning, right on cue: one of our 6W2S groups had a third of the numbers it usually does. Welcome to winter! It’s fascinating to think that a large percentage of people are prepared to let 9 months of hard work go down the drain by taking a 3 month break when […]

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    May 13 - 2015 No Comments
  • On my 31st birthday here are 31 things I’m grateful for. Whats on your list?

    Another year, another birthday – and another list of everything I’m grateful for! Here goes… 1. My training partners. Especially Em and Oz – they’re badass and I love it. 2. The 6W2S team. It’s hard to find great trainers but I’ve been so lucky with this crew. Along with old timers like Trimmer, Ash, […]

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    May 8 - 2015 No Comments
  • The biggest things for me over the past 12 months

    3 proudest moments 1) My best mate getting engaged. Prouds has been my best mate for 15 years and I was staying with him in Melbourne recently when he said: “big fella, I think I’m going to drop the knee this week”. It was undoubtedly the best moment of my year. Being typical Aussie blokes, […]

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    May 5 - 2015 No Comments